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JoVahen kohn ath carlmont

“Isn’t it crazy how 20 years ago people had to wear a watch, carry a wallet, calculator, notepad, pager, gameboy (for my real OG gamers), and kodak camera all at one time? And now in 2019 our phone does all of that AND MORE! Athlete for Carlmont Jonaven Kuhn is the iPhone X of Carlmont High Football. He plays on both sides of the ball and PRODUCES AT A HIGH LEVEL on both sides as well. Putting up great numbers and helping his team to a crazy win streak after starting 0-2, he seems to just be getting started.”

DF: After starting off the season slow last year and hitting your guys stride to power thru to the CIF Playoffs how did that experience help mold yourself? and what did it say about your teams character?

Kuhn: It helped me by training more and during games seeing the field in a different way to make big plays for the team, and as a team we didn’t want to lose another game so we played every game as if it were our last.

DF: That's so amazing, a great feeling when you can start 0-2 and still focus on the REAL goal at hand.

Being such a versatile weapon on your team last season, racking up almost 1700 all purpose yards, 10 TD's, 3 takeaways, and 50 tackles last year do you plan on improving on all of those numbers even MORE? And where does that grit come from to be an ironman and perform exceptionally on both sides?

Kuhn: YES of course I plan on improving my game 10 times better than last season, and to be that Ironman on the field comes from hard work and showing my coaches what I can do on and off the field and it has always been my mentality to never give up on anything so if my coaches need me out on the field the whole game I’ll do it!

Df: That's a coaches dream come true. Not only a player that's coachable but a weapon as well.

After watching your game film you do not go down lol. Your return skills are something I would hate to coach against. How does it feel knowing every week teams are circling #14 before they start their gameplan against Carlmont?

Kuhn: I feel well happy because I’m making a name for myself, my School, and the program itself and it also gives me a lot of confidence to push myself harder and to get better when I’m on the field.

Df: Nice, last but not least with this season coming up and alot of expectations for yourself what's the one thing people are going to say about Jonaven Kuhn when it's all said and done?

Kuhn: People are going to say “that kid is something else”.

Df: I love it, thanks for your time bro excited to see how your guys season plays out. Hope you have a healthy and productive offseason and ball out my guy.


KaVir bains DB valley christian

“Before it was cancelled (damn you Disney) my favorite show on Netflix was Daredevil, then it was followed by other Marvel greats such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist (straight mid). Until finally they put all the pieces together and made the awesome spinoff The Defenders. A team of a bulletproof man, a ninja with a magic punch, a blind shadow with enhanced abilities, and a detective with super strength. Valley Christian Football’s defense is literally a force to be reckoned with similar to The Defenders. And one of my favorite parts of that behemoth of a squad is DB Kavir Bains, a Safety most of the time but he also shows great skills as a slot corner to break on out routes and support the run. He gave us a run down on what makes him not only a great football player but an even better young man.”

DF: First Question, Based on how close you guys were to bringing in another Chip for the VC program how did that experience mold you as a young and also a player of the game?

Bains: It was molded me to the player I am today by making me realize that nothing it ever given to me, I have to earn everything and be humble.

DF: That's so dope, sometimes we all need a little diversity to bring us down to earth but it's just another reason to go even harder in the offseason.

So I was talking to my colleagues within my company and we think Valley Christian might have the most dominant secondary in CCS this year maybe even the best defense overall with all of the returning talent. How is it playing with so many DAWGS around you in the backend?

Bains: Man our team is amazing we just work and work! I’m so honored to have them as my teammates. In our defense we just have so much chemistry that we know what we each other are doing. I love my teammates and I can’t wait to get back into the season with them.As for our secondary we just work together and communicate as a whole. We as a team  just stay humble and play for Christ and our brothers around us.

DF: You make me wanna hop in a time machine and enroll in Valley Christian my dude hahaha. That's so awesome.

And after watching your game film you have a nose for the ball and you lay the BOOM. You remind me of Earl Thomas and I GENUINELY mean that, are there any current or former college or NFL players you mold your game after?

Bains: Thank you I appreciate it! I definitely model my game after him and I also try to model it after Jamal Adams and how he is small but can still play with the top dogs. His foot work is also just amazing and how he plays so aggressive.

DF: Oh yeah I can definitely see that in your game as well. Alrighty sir one more question..... After this upcoming season when it's all said and done what will people say about Kavir Bains when he plays his last down as a Valley Christian Warrior?

Bains: Man I hope they say that I am   a rounded football player, and I am a team player who believed in his teammates. Also I played with my heart out on every down. As well as modeling the phrase “we play for Christ”.

DF: You got me pumped for the season in June man thanks for everything. Have a great offseason and best believe when Pierre Pierre is shooting for you guys I'll be right there writing up on your guys season. Good luck my guy!

2019 WCAL DB of the Year

offers: William&Mary


Andres dewerk OL Los Gatos

“When you think of Columbia in 2019, the first thing that may come to mind may be the resorts, cocoa beans made for coffee, or even the beautiful women. But what a lot of people don’t know is they are the richest continent for gems and emeralds. Three Star prospect OL for Los Gatos Andres Dewerk, seems to be just that. A hidden gem amongst northern California prospects. I caught up with the awesome young man to pick his brain about how he takes on the offseason and approaches this big year.”

DF: Thanks for the follow sir I appreciate it! I just have a few questions for you.If you could sum up your entire football journey from freshman year to today in one word what would that word be and why?

Dewerk: Wow, that’s a really good question. I’d say inspirational because I went from barely even being eligible to play to now having 17 offers. I also went through a lot and had to earn every bit of the success I have now.That question got me thinking a lil bit !

DF: Hahaha if you want to come back to it and add on to the question later that's perfectly fine my guy.

Sounds good man

My next question, I see the Columbian flag in your name. The 17 offers, game recognition, a chance at a free education, would you say your Columbian heritage and roots helped you fight through adversity to be the young man you are today?

Dewerk: Yes definitely, I saw how my mom struggled to get where she’s at today coming from Colombia. Also my family down there are very underprivileged people and I would love to eventually help them out someday. That is one of my driving forces.I also work really hard because I know that almost no kid in colombia is getting the same opportunities that I am getting.

DF: Beautiful, when you find something worth fighting for you never give up.Now, being a former Pop Warner Guard I know OL doesn't get all the hollywood love or top 10 plays lol but they are arguably the most important part of a football team. How do you and your Los Gatos O Linemen rally and prepare for the season having possibly the best O Line in CCS?

Dewerk: I think we are gonna try and build up a lot of team chemistry in order to improve the line. Also, we are all gonna try to learn the offensive playbook and have it perfected so that if a guy goes down, we can plug in another

DF: Excited to see the final product! Last but not least this isn't a question more of a favor....... Can you talk to Coach Krail and have him draw up some offensive plays for you to get the rock? Hahahaha you're super athletic and I'd love to see you get a Rushing TD before the seasons over!

Dewerk: Hahaha I’d love to run the ball for sure! I can handle a lot of hits so it’d be interesting to see

DF: Yeaaah!! That's what I'm talking about lol alright man you have a productive offseason and I'll be watching you in the trenches, I expect even more Pancakes from you this season. Good luck.

Dewerk: Thanks man I appreciate the great questions! And yeah I’ll be pancaking even more people this season than usual

Offers: 17

Update: Andres Dewerk has committed to University of Southern California


Shamir Bey QB Archbitty Mitty

"Dog days are over, Dog days are done. Can you hear the horses because here they come." A lyric from one of the greatest bands of all time, Florence + The Machine. A great comeback song, a song I recommend Shamir Bey QB #12 for the Archbishop Mitty Monarchs, to listen to before the game. After having an amazing season sadly he couldn't continue the charge into the postseason for them last year. But this year after getting a few offers under his belt he's locked in and it's looking shaky for WCAL defenses this year.

DF: How's it going my dude. I am really excited to interview, you were one of my favorite dudes to watch on film.

Bey: I’m doing good how are you?

DF: Great thanks for asking. As I watched your film, especially as a QB, I tried to look for places where you can improve your game but honestly.... I saw everything I would like in a QB if I was a coach. Size, ability to deliver in the pocket under duress, long ball, rolling left as a righty. What's the one part in your game you feel you can improve on as a QB this offseason?

Bey: The biggest thing for me would definitely being a better leader vocally, especially me being a senior and the guy to go to during tough times. I’m also working more on the board with understanding defense and I’ve gotten a lot better with help from my coaches in the past couple months.

DF: Nice! Playing QB, there's definitely a mental aspect of it. And that's awesome that you want to strengthen that part of your game.

And speaking of tough times, knowing you couldn't lead the charge going into the playoffs last year how're you treating this offseason knowing you guys just might get Valley Christian again in the CCS Playoffs?

Bey: We’re just taking this season one week at a time and trying to add to what we did last year. No matter who we play in playoffs I think or mentality will be different and we will be well equipped to play against any team in CCS.

DF: I agree, you guys showed the moxie to fight through adversity multiple times throughout the season.When I watch you play I see a primal instinct almost like a sixth sense. Whether you're running the ball and evade a defender I didn't even know you saw, or completing a dart downfield while taking a hit. It's amazing to watch, if you could compare your game to a species in the Animal Kingdom what animal would it be? and why?

Bey: I think my game could compare to a lion in the way that whenever I’m in the game I feel like the most dangerous player on the field. And that King of the Jungle mentality where I play with no fear and an open mind that’s gonna try to help my team win no matter what the cost is.

DF: A DAWG! I feel like that's missing in football at this level and it's refreshing to know you still have that. Lastly, when it's all said and done and you've played your final down as a Monarch what do you want people to know about #12?

Bey: I just want people to know that I have gave everything I could for my school and the players who have worn the jersey before me. Also just leaving a legacy for my last name because you see the athletes like Aaron Gordon and Kerri Walsh being remembered to this day and that’s the status I want.

offers: William&Mary, Howard


jayden Stanley WR/DB Menlo-Atherton 21’

“Name a time where you had to accept a change and you just didn't like it. Were you a fan of Destiny's Child but not Beyonce going solo? Were you a fan of the infamous Aunt Viv swap? Or my personal favorite someone not named Tobey Macguire playing the world's famous Peter Parker/Spider-Man? Well most of the time whether it's in entertainment or even a diet, the change is for the better. The environment will change because you see an improvement. And former Independence Sixer Jayden Stanley will now continue his NEW legacy at Menlo-Atherton. The sophomore was a crucial Indy piece who has now taken his talents to MA and plans to pick right back up where he left off. I checked in with the Junior earlier today to see how the change has been treating my guy.”

DF: Well before I start I just wanna say how's life treating you? Adjusting and preparing for the new school and area?

Jayden Stanley: It’s treating me real good, it’s very easy adjusting to the new school and area because everyone is welcoming, now I just look forward to an amazing season.

DF: Awesome, I know how it is settling in and trying to maintain a proper workout offseason for sure. I went through the same thing my freshman year. Now coming off of a historic Indy season, how does it feel to be apart of that organization's turn around and being that great of a team. Possibly the greatest Indy team of all time. (so I've heard)

Stanley: Man it feels really good to be apart of a historic team, having that type of team was just a blessing, you can call it something like the Warriors😭..... but that team was more than just a team it was a brotherhood that I’ll never forget about.

DF: Hahahaha man I know it's tugging at your heart strings right now. So amazing to be apart of something great. Now...... since you brought it up not me hahaha. The Warriors.... KD a piece of the talent pie has decided to take his talents to Brooklyn. Now you the Sophomore who was thought to be the next star for Indy leaves, how have your teammates and coaches handled the move? And how are the new coaches and teammates treating you?

Stanley: Everyone at Indy handled the move with respect, And everything at M-A is treating me good with everyone being welcoming and everyone bringing me in as one of them...Now I’ll just see what the future has for me in my next 2 years at Menlo-Atherton.

DF: That's great, I bet that helps with chemistry for sure. Being comfortable is a very vital part to adjusting to a new environment. What position do you plan on working towards at MA? And how anxious are you to play against a lot of powerhouse teams in a new division/league?

Stanley: Yeah the chemistry’s coming together, I’m working towards some safety and slot receiver, knowing this is the toughest M-A schedule in their history doesn’t phase me, I’m just ready to get to work and ball out, I just look at it as if I play the best I’ll become the best.

DF: Ayeee! I like that! Playing on both sides of the ball takes grit and I love when a player wants literally ALL the smoke haha. Who would you say you model your game after? Offense and defense?

As of NFL, NCAA, or even a movie?

Stanley: Okok I would see myself as a Golden Tate type of guy in the slot, and like an Ed Reed type of guy at safety.

DF: Nice so you're a physical player who wants to get the job done by any means. I respect that. Okay lastly, if you could compare your game to any species in the animal kingdom what animal would it be?

Stanley: I’m an Eagle 🦅 quick to the ball with good vision.

DF: Ayeeee that's probably the best answer I've gotten from that question I love it haha. Well good luck on the season killer, Thanks for taking the time out for PierrePierreProductions. And I plan on seeing you BALL OUT my guy.

Stanley: Yessir💪🏾💯